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Should I order disposable diningware or china plates and flatware?
My food served on disposables is better than anybody else’s on china. Really. Choose whatever you prefer because your guests won’t remember the plate, but they will remember the food.

Will you cater small group events?

Sure! However, the “per person” price for an event does become higher as guest count decreases. On the flip side, the savings can be enormous for your large group events when I can share volume savings with you.

Which side dishes should I choose to go with my entrées?
Choose whatever you personally enjoy, but take your guests’ preferences into consideration as well. I will prepare your selections with seasonings that make the flavors of the meal harmonious. I will also help to steer you in the right direction if you get way off track by ordering items that are too similar in flavor or texture that might make your menu repetitious.

How much money should I spend on food for my event?
Spend what you are able to be comfortable with, but don’t sacrifice quality by being unrealistic. We all know that the cost of a meal at a casual dining restaurant is $8.50-$15.00, so let that be your starting reference point range. Next, remember that the quality of my food’s freshness and flavor, along with its presentation, will be FIRST RATE! Finally, think about the value of having the meal prepared exactly as you want it and delivered directly to you. When you are ordering a meal from a caterer you can also enjoy the convenience of having additional necessities delivered to you such as diningware, ice, and table linens so that you don’t have to spend time gathering these items.

Did you cater your own wedding?
You better believe it! I wanted my family and friends to enjoy the quality that only I can deliver – so that meant I cooked for my own wedding… and it was phenomenal! Kim and I had a summertime wedding, so we planned a menu that featured wonderful salads and chilled entrées. Give Kim a call and ask for a copy of the menu.

What do you cook at home?
I do cook “real food” at home also…and I don’t even own a microwave! Fresh cooking can be fast cooking too! Kim and I love stir-fry, chicken and salmon.

What is your specialty?
I am a “real” chef. I can cook any style of food and you’ll say it’s the best you’ve ever had. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Hors d’Oeuvres, Desserts, you name it. I do tend to stay away from some international dishes that need to be prepared to please specific ethnic groups that expect a precise duplication of a regional specialty – however, I do have a series of excellent menus that offer crowd-pleasing adaptations of Indian, Irish, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian, German, Latino, French, Caribbean and Australian favorites, just to name a few. My talent allows me to cook whatever you need…and you’ll love it!
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